What to Look for When Buying Door Hooks?

by HUANGFANYAN on Aug 02, 2022

What to Look for When Buying Door Hooks?

Materials and Finishes

The best materials for a door hook are both lightweight and durable. Look for high quality materials such as wood, or metals such as chrome-plated steel that won’t warp or rust. Think twice before buying plastic hooks, which don’t wear well, can scratch, and swell in high-humidity areas.

Weight Capacity

Because over-the-door hooks are lightweight and are not screwed into the wall, their weight capacity is limited. Be sure to choose hooks sturdy enough to support the weight of what you are hanging on them. And be sure to properly install hooks on walls for safety purposes and to avoid damaging walls. 

Compatibility With Your Doors

When choosing over-the-door hooks, be sure to check that the hooks you select are compatible with the width of your door. You want to be sure that the door can close as comfortably as possible with the addition of the rack. Otherwise it will catch, cause items hung on the hooks to shift, scratch the door jamb, and generally be annoying. Keep in mind that doors are not designed or hung to accommodate over-the-door hooks and that using them is rarely seamless, so you should expect a little awkwardness in exchange for the convenience of using them. 

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