Advice on tidying up the room

by HUANGFANYAN on Oct 21, 2022

Advice on tidying up the room
When tidying up the room, you must know how to throw things, and consider yourself as the protagonist, not the objects as the protagonist. Think less about "what a pity" and think more about "do I like it" and "is it suitable".
Like clothes or some things that can be hung up, if they are stacked directly in the room, they will look messy, but they are often used and do not want to be stored in the cabinet. In this case, Can use our hooks to organize and store them.
Due to my work, I go to Japan several times a year and do a lot of research on various schools of Japanese sorting and storage. Gradually, influenced by the Japanese philosophy of minimalist life, as well as my own exploration and practice of simple thinking, I gradually became a person who lived a minimalist life. After that, my life became easier and simpler, and the living space became more and more tidy. I also summed up my own space organization method and designed a variety of styles of hooks based on my experience, which can be shared with you.
In fact, the Japanese-style philosophy of life has almost the same premise as the simple thinking I advocate in the management of daily life. We all advocate making choices before planning. If you can do subtraction first, carefully screen the items, and then organize and store the necessary small amount of items that have been screened out, space organization will become a more efficient and pleasant thing.
Sorting, first of all, is a process of subtraction.
I remember that when I initially recommended the "subtraction first, then tidy up" method to others, they would often fall back on the traditional tidying method because they didn't have a deep understanding of concise thinking.
For example, when she wants to do a cleaning in the living room, she will do the following things:
· Put the toys that the child littered in the living room into the toy box;
· Put away a few books I put on the sofa and take them back to the study;
· Washed several cups on the coffee table and put them back in the cabinet;
· Put the carpet away, wash it, dry it and put it back on.
But in my opinion, these can only be called tidying up, not tidying up. why? Because of the few things she did, she just put all the things away, put them back in their original places, or moved the things in the house. In my opinion, this is just cleaning in the traditional sense, and it does not take care of the items. Do subtraction.
In the concept of concise thinking, the sorting method is clearly divided into two steps: subtraction first, and then sorting and storage. That is to say, it is more meaningful to organize after filtering things. Take sorting children's toys as an example. Compared with sorting out dozens of toys that are piled up everywhere, it is much easier to sort out three or four toys that children really need at the moment. At that time, even if these three or four toys are all scattered in the living room, it will not give people a cluttered feeling.