Introduction of different types of wall hooks

by HUANGFANYAN on Nov 08, 2022

Introduction of different types of wall hooks
A hook is usually an item that people use to assist in storing things, which is also its most basic function. In the past, the hook behind the door was the most common form of hook. But with the improvement of living standards, after people began to improve their requirements for the home environment, the role of hooks has also been continuously developed by smart people. Different types and forms of hooks have also begun to play some roles in home decoration.

Although the hook behind the door is small, it can become an eye-catching little tool after a serious decoration. Let's see how the small hook can shine!

Although stainless steel hooks are ugly, they are not easy to be noticed when used as hooks behind doors. However, in modern rooms, stainless steel hooks are more suitable than hooks made of other materials. Its unique metal texture is immediately highlighted. It seems that It was made for this style.

Wooden products have always felt very comfortable, and wooden hooks are no exception. It tends to be a solid color, which is just right in a room with a soft, warm style. Therefore, the bedroom becomes the best choice for its use. At the same time, wooden hooks cannot bear heavy items, so you need to pay attention when using them.

Iron hooks often have some delicate patterns or smooth curves on them, which are themselves decorative. Generally, wrought iron is used more in European-style decorated rooms, with a natural retro meaning, just like the European aristocrats in the old times, living elegantly, at ease, and taking everything calmly.

The seamless hook is a hook style that has emerged in recent years, and its decorativeness is much worse. It is mainly used to store items, and at the same time, it can avoid damage to the wall due to the use of hooks.

A hook that may be inconspicuous at ordinary times, through innovative design, can become a bright decoration in the home, making the space more flexible. The creative hook not only has the basic storage function, but also is a very attractive decoration.